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Are you getting value from your business intelligence investment?

The business case for establishing a Business Intelligence (BI) and Data analytics capability within a housing organisation is strong. Increasingly organisations are challenged to flex their BI muscle and derive insight for new and emerging performance and risk indicators to improve performance and understand risk exposure ahead of regulatory scrutiny.

Risk health check

Like Goldilocks and her infamous porridge preference you need to take just the right amount of risk in pursuit of your strategy. No risk and your strategic goals will forever remain out of reach. Too much risk and you may put yourself out of business!

A "new" inspector calls

Whilst the paint may still be drying on the rebranded signs for the “Regulator of Social Housing” its regulatory framework, approach and powers continue as before and will do into the foreseeable future. This article picks up on the key lessons from the last few years of inspection and offers some suggestions for how you can use Clearview to challenge yourself before the “new” inspector comes calling.



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