Corporate Social Responsibility 

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Clearview, since its beginnings back in 2003, have been delivering solutions to organisations that have a social purpose.

We share many of the values of our customers for improving the lives of the people we affect; the communities we come into contact with; and the wider environment whenever possible.

Our objective

We aim to increase our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives when opportunities present themselves, and to continue to conduct business in an ethical manner with an overall aim of having a favourable effect on society. 

Our goal 

To continually re-evaluate corporate social responsibility initiatives and improve when able to.


Events, fundraising and sponsorship

We continue to be heavily involved with events, fundraising and sponsorship for a variety of causes, both corporately and supporting employees' personal initiatives.


We care passionately about the environment and continue to try and minimise our carbon footprint wherever possible.


We have adopted many approaches to recruitment, working practices and remuneration that are beneficial to both our local communities and those of our customers.


What more could be done?

We are not complacent about our corporate social responsbility and we undertake regular reviews to ensure we are continuing to innovate. 

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