Action This Day 

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Action This Day is a not-for profit organisation, established in 2009, with the aim of helping extremely disadvantaged children from Kenya break the cycle of poverty through education.

In 2010 the Kookaburra Community School was established. Action This Day also offers an orphanage, health care and assistance in the children's all round development through life skills programs and vocational training. 

Action This Day employs Kenyans to work on the projects and interact closely with the local community to ensure the projects have local support and are therefore required and sustainable.

Everyone who helps the charity does so in an entirely voluntary capacity and by not tolerating overheads Action This Day are able to guarantee that they spend 100% of donations on the project work in Kenya. 

The Projects:

The Kookaburra Community School was established in 2010 and provides free primary school education for up to 130 children. We follow the Kenyan 8-4-4 system and are registered with the Ministry of Education. 

The Kookaburra House provides emergency accommodation to families and students who require it on a temporary or long term basis. There are six rooms available and they are always occupied. 

Graduates - students who pass the primary school certificate exam (KCPE), and who have shown a commitment to study during their time at Kookaburra are offered a place on the Graduate Program to sponsor them through secondary school. 

Vocations - students are offered a sponsorship in vocational courses who do not qualify for the Graduate Program but have talents in other areas or have shown a willingness to learn.


Work with local communities in Kenya to provide education, heath care, and life skills, to children who are orphaned or whose families are unable to provide basic human rights. 


Develop sustainable educational projects that will engage and benefit local communities, providing our children with the opportunities to break the cycle of poverty and dependence upon others. 

How you can help

There are a number of different ways to help Action This Day whether it be donating money, organising a fundraising event, sponsoring a child or teacher or by raising awareness of all the fantastic work the charity does with friends, colleagues and family.

Take a look at the different stories and challenges that children face in Kenya, which can be found on Action This Day's website and social media, to really put things into perspective of what life is actually like. 

Clearview's support

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We are very passionate at supporting and raising awareness of Action This Day. We have held various different fundraising events including cake sales, wear something different to work day and had employees take part in a Tough Mudder.

In October 2017, we aim to begin sponsoring a child to help life them out of poverty.