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ALMO uses Clearview to embed performance management 


About Cheltenham Borough Homes

Cheltenham Borough Homes (CBH) is an Arm’s Length Management Organisation (ALMO) managing and maintaining around 5,000 properties for Cheltenham Borough Council and 101 homes as a Registered Provider.
Established in 2003, CBH has always been focussed on performance. This led to them implementing Clearview to manage their performance and to report their progress. In November 2014 CBH started using the Clearview strategy and performance suite, along with Clearview’s business intelligence and reporting tool. 


Why Cheltenham Borough Homes imbed Clearview's performance management

Business challenge

When asked about the issues Cheltenham Borough Homes were having Adam Waller, Business Support Manager, says:

“The company needed a more robust, accessible and flexible way of making use of our business data and information and a way to link that to our broader Strategic Plans. There was also a need to reduce the reliance on standard software packages to manage and monitor our business data as they were taking too much time to administer and didn’t lend themselves to a more strategic or thematic way of managing that data.”

So why choose Clearview? 

Adam discusses what made Clearview stand out:

“We looked at a few different solutions to help us manage our performance, but we needed a system that would be easy enough for the end users. Because of this we involved the end users to help us choose the right solution for all of us. Clearview won on several accounts, including best fit against our requirements, costs and potential all-round reporting functionality. Throughout the implementation the whole Clearview team were really supportive and made the process so much easier for us.”

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Implementation of Clearview

The implementation was done quickly – within 6 months of having training from Clearview the project team had rolled it out across the organisation. They did so well they even went to a Clearview user group event and presented on how they had implemented Clearview so quickly and efficiently. Adam continues:

“Since our implementation Clearview has been great at getting everything collated in one place, and being able to report this to everyone. Our staff have got really involved with it and manage their targets through the Clearview system now. It’s really great to see this software being embedded in enhancing our performance culture so quickly.”

Use of Clearview

CBH has made good use of the standard performance scorecard reports for a range of management meetings, but quickly moved on to more tailored reporting using the reporting module. On this Adam says:

“Getting to grips with the reporting module has enabled us to generate very accessible, low maintenance reports that are shaped by how the data is interrogated at different meetings. It is ‘live’ and provides the viewers the opportunity to delve from an overview into more detailed views. It works well on tablets and users can navigate reports independently around the meeting table to suit their needs.”  

 Clearview's software on different devices

About Clearview

Clearview gives you a single, connected approach to managing your organisation. Create and execute your strategic plan, manage your performance, search, report and understand your information and engage positively with your customers. 

To discover how Clearview can help your business innovate and deliver a tangible performance improvement please get in touch or visit our web site.

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