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Business intelligence visualising data

Aspire Housing is implementing Clearviews enterprise search-engine based business intelligence and reporting suite.

Commenting on the news, Mark Hobart, Managing Director, Clearview says:

“It’s increasingly clear that our customers recognise the importance of achieving value for money from the solution purchases they make. Many have undertaken comprehensive tender processes to select Clearview solutions for their businesses. We work hard as a team to help our clients achieve the benefits they seek from implementing our products. One factor that helps in maximising benefit is that our licensing model encourages enterprise adoption of our solutions and this helps support a strong business case for implementing Clearview. We are also delighted to see a growing number of customers benefitting from our unique search-engine approach to business intelligence and reporting. The product is so easy to use and implement and is ‘big data’ ready from the start. The days of protracted business intelligence implementations are gone and customers want value from their data quickly. To this end, we feel that Clearview ticks all of the boxes“.

Aspire Housing provide 8,500 homes to around 20,000 customers with quality affordable homes and services across North Staffordshire and South Cheshire. Leanne Kerry, Business Improvement Manager, says

“There is a growing demand within the business for information from our core systems such as Orchard (Progress database). We felt Clearview’s business intelligence tools, based on search-engine technology, were just what we needed to enable us to collate and visualise the data from these systems on dashboards, Venn diagrams and reports. We like the fact that the tools are easy to use and hope over time to make the software available to more users within the organisation.”