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C24 uses a mix of Clearview Risk and Clearview intelligence to embed risk management and improve efficiency 


C24 are worldwide hosting and application delivery specialists. Their portfolio of services includes; hosted application delivery, 24/7/365 IT services helpdesk, systems integration, full managed services provision, best in breed back-up solutions and disaster recovery.

C24 became a Clearview customer in February 2012 and decided to purchase Clearview Risk and Clearview Intelligence. The aim was to raise awareness of risk management within the organisation and embed a risk management culture at all levels.

The challenge

C24 recognised that there were opportunities to improve the way they managed risk and business intelligence. Traditionally, the company had monitored and tracked risk using departmental spread sheets. In some cases, risk was not managed at all. This resulted in an inconsistent approach to how risk information was updated and managed and left room for manual error.

C24 had not previously explored the use of business intelligence within the organisation. They initially approached Clearview with sole interest in Clearview Risk. However, having also seen Clearview Intelligence in practice, they quickly realised the potential benefits of combining both products to make better use of available data and interrogate risk information more thoroughly.

The solution – Clearview Risk and Clearview Intelligence

Clearview Risk is a robust business risk management solution. It provides for a single collaborative tracking, assessment and monitoring system for all of your strategic and operational risks.

Using Clearview Risk enables you to do all of the following:

  • Populate a comprehensive strategic and operational risk database;

  • Automate the production of risk matrices and analyse raw, current and residual risk;

  • Allocate and manage risks and risk controls, in order to monitor and mitigate risks;

  • Evaluate risk exposure in financial terms and plan for business continuity;

  • Report on risks and monitor key risk performance indicators using the risk scorecard; and

  • Link risks to your organisation’s strategy, programme and project management.

Clearview Intelligence is a next-generation, web-browser based business intelligence tool. It uses intuitive search engine technology to link multiple data sources across your organisation, giving you a complete picture of your business performance. Benefits include:

  • Gain invaluable process and customer insight, identify improvements and efficiencies, apply a consistent approach and transform your service delivery;

  • Embed a managed self-service business intelligence culture, make reporting available to anyone in the organisation without the need for specialist skills or training;

  • Carry out analysis across multiple datasets, produce accurate and informative reports on demand;

  • View unique, dynamic dashboards, click to drill down into the detail; and

  • Run as a bolt–on to your existing technical infrastructure, minimal time to configure, add new data sources within minutes.


Using Clearview Risk and Clearview Intelligence has enabled C24 to:

  • Raise awareness and manage risk at all levels of the business in a context-sensitive way;

  • Gain internal buy-in for risk management;

  • Begin to embed a consistent risk management culture;

  • Enable greater visibility of risk information;

  • Achieve more meaningful analysis through the use of relevant, personalised dashboards;

  • Increase accountability for risk management across the organisation;

  • Access the information the organisation needs within a couple of clicks, rather than searching through multiple spread sheets; and

  • Minimise the likelihood of incorrect information and reduce the risk of human error.

“In a short period of time, Clearview Intelligence has become the one system that I couldn’t live without.”

“Clearview Risk has enabled us to improve our efficiency in converting sales, processing and delivering orders and managing our cash collection, while enhancing our customer service.”

Finance Director, C24

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