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Transforming the management and performance of repairs, voids and income management processes at CHP


Based in Chelmsford, Essex, CHP is a locally managed and governed charitable housing association which provides high-quality affordable family homes and apartments to rent and buy.

Established in March 2002, CHP has two main aims – to provide excellent services and to increase the supply of affordable homes to those in need. At the end of April 2012, CHP owned 8594 homes, of which 7696 were rented, 206 were shared ownership and 692 were leasehold. CHP became a Clearview customer in 2005.

The challenge

James Dickman, Service Development Manager within the ICT team at CHP, has been responsible for overseeing the implementation of Clearview process management and intelligence at CHP and ensuring the system is truly embedded into its management processes.

James explains:

“We recognised the importance of providing managers and staff with easy access to management and process information.  We wanted a mechanism by which they could be self-sufficient in obtaining some of the key underlying data from our Central Housing Management System.  Process Management is a user-friendly system with screens that are easy to understand and reports that are easy to run.  It is a powerful tool and users do not have to be IT or data experts to see what is going on out in the business.”

The solution

CHP decided to implement Clearview’s process management module, which is now in its second version and has been enhanced to include access to both management and process information. This enables organisations to monitor and improve their voids, lettings, repairs, maintenance and income management processes.

Clearview’s process management and intelligence software identifies ways for front line housing and maintenance staff to improve processes and deliver a significantly better service for customers.

The module draws all the information it requires from existing IT systems and does not require any other data input. The module helps to:

  • Provide a common view of data across the organisation;

  • Establish if the service meets customers’ requirements and expectations, identifying any areas for improvement;

  • Report on the efficiency and effectiveness of your customer service processes; enabling you to target problem areas and make improvements before things go outside target tolerances;

  • Address weaknesses by developing and testing processes and cleansing data;

  • Equip staff - from directors to housing officers - with the tools to improve performance across the organisation;

  • Report by exception on repairs and maintenance, income management and voids and lettings processes.


Looking back over the implementation and subsequent use of Clearview process management and intelligence,

James Dickman says:

“We have worked with Clearview for the last six years and were early adopters of their original process management system. In 2011 we implemented process management version two which is used daily by our Housing Options, Logistics, Repairs and Planned and Programmed teams.  The new system has been well received by managers and their staff.  We ran the project in a controlled fashion using PRINCE2 and, as project manager, I have been impressed with the dedication and expertise of the Clearview consultants.” 

Marion Jordan, Repairs Manager at CHP, said:  

“The Repairs team use Clearview process management for monitoring progress and performance of work carried out both by our in-house repairs team and our external contractors. Supervisors are able to filter the information about repairs both for an overview and by the use of specific parameters.  The information is used to feedback and improve performance as well as ensure that works are completed within target times. The process management system shows information from our housing management system in a comprehensive and easy to understand format which helps us to achieve high performance in delivery of repairs to our residents.”

Jack Ingham, Logistics Manager at CHP, added:

“The Logistics team supports the Repairs, Voids and Decent Homes teams in delivering services to residents and uses the system to monitor and report on jobs at various stages in the workflow. The system has enabled the team to liaise more closely with contractors about completed works and understand the split of work by priority to manage contractors more effectively. The system has enabled us to cleanse the data from the source systems and better understand individual team performance.  In the future we are looking at using it to tackle jobs before they go outside of tolerance and aide our drive to reduce average days to complete jobs and thus improve customer service in this area.”

Jane Martin, Housing Options Manager, said:

“We use the system to monitor our void processes – checking each void property’s progress through the property event records imported into the system automatically from our housing management system. The system is used by managers and housing options co-ordinators that have responsibility for letting properties on a daily basis. It has allowed for a significant improvement in the processing of void properties and the associated re-let times. In particular, we have been able to track the processing of voids and ensure that events are used correctly. We have been able to manage voids by patch to drive improvements in the process throughout.”


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