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More than just a landlord

Indeed! Cunninghame Housing Association have become the first organisation to implement all of Clearview’s business software solutions.

Founded in 1984, with over 2000 properties in management (and growing). It’s the leading not-for-profit social enterprise in Ayrshire with headquarters in the beautiful seaside town of Ardrossan. Operating in the local authority areas of North and East Ayrshire, the Association is run by a voluntary Board of Management and is also a Charity Registered in Scotland.

Strategy execution and performance improvement

Back in February 2011 CHA met with Clearview to outline their strategic aims and almost immediately a special bond was formed. CHA decided to initially implement the Clearview Strategy and performance suite. Following a collaborative workshop approach in conjunction with the CHA management team a new strategic plan for the organisation was born.

Frank Sweeney, Chief Executive, Cunninghame Housing Association says,

“The Clearview Strategy and Performance System has improved our ability to effectively plan workloads in order to achieve our Strategic and Operational Objectives and Performance Targets.  This capability has also allowed us to demonstrate governance compliance and accountability at a strategic and planning level.”

Allison McColl, Director of Corporate Services, Cunninghame Housing Association says:

“We are also using the system 'real time' on a quarterly basis for Management Committee.  They have shown an interest in being able to access and use the system for their own performance as well. We have just contracted an Internal Auditor (kick off meeting in a couple of weeks) they will find the audit recommendation tracking features of great use for planning and monitoring recommendations from the internal audits.”

In tandem it was decided that the Clearview Customer service improvement suite working with data extracted from the Capita housing management system would also help drive performance improvement in voids, lettings, repairs and income management by putting tools in place to enable real insight into the effectiveness of these core processes.

Personal performance management

Following the successful implementation of these two powerful software suites, CHA determined that it wanted to go further and manage performance at the individual level. This involved linking the strategic and operational goals of the organisation to those of each member of staff. To embed this culture the logical next step was Clearview’s newly developed Personal performance module which allowed for the management of the personal development processes within the organisation, linking both organisation and employee goals; developing and implementing a competency-based assessment system; and being able to track the actions arising along with learning and development needs.

Allison comments:

“We have just employed a new HR Manager and will be utilising the additional functionality delivered by the recent upgrade to redesign our Personal Performance forms.”

Business insight

When it was announced that support for Hummingbird Bi-query was to be withdrawn, CHA needed to take action to find a replacement solution. After a comprehensive market evaluation CHA decided to implement the Clearview Business intelligence and reporting suite to address the need for a single reporting tool across the business and support an increasing business demand for information.

Allison, continues:

“Hummingbird (BI Query) our current reporting system ran over our housing management system only. Open Accounts has its own reporting tool, Sage HR and Sage Payroll have their own reporting tools etc., etc., etc. For each system we use; there is another reporting tool! We are limited in the capacity we have in house in respect of report writing and it was becoming more and more difficult to satisfy the demands of the business for timely and accurate insight from our data. The Clearview product is a powerful web based system that allows us to retrieve data from all of our application databases and display using powerful graphics, streamlining and simplifying our reporting processes. Ultimately, we will be using one Business Intelligence Reporting System – attached to all databases, with as many end users trained as we need.”

Managing customer engagement

CHA are passionate about customer engagement and wanted to ensure that this strand of their strategy was delivered effectively. With this aim in mind, CHA decided to implement the final product in the Clearview solution set, the Customer engagement suite and in so doing have become the first organisation to have adopted the full complement of Clearview’s business solutions.

The relationship between Clearview and CHA is strong and highly valued by Clearview.


Cunninghame Housing Association has implemented the entire portfolio of business software solutions from Clearview over a three year period and is the first organisation to have achieved this.

Allison McColl, Director of Corporate Services, Cunninghame Housing Association summarises:

“Having worked with Clearview over the past 2-3 years, I have found them efficient and organised during system setups. The training delivered has been exceptional (training surveys are issued to all staff following training sessions) with the feedback from all staff being very positive. Following setup and training, support from Clearview is second to none. They respond exceptionally quickly to any problems reported and endeavour to assist wherever possible.”

Nicky Hawkins, Customer Services Director, Clearview comments:

“Cunninghame Housing Association have values that mirror our own. Their drive for excellence and continuous improvement are aspirations that many organisations would like to emulate. We are delighted to be working with a customer of such high standing and reputation; they truly are ‘More than just a landlord’.”