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What is Clearview's customer engagement?

Clearview’s customer engagement software is one of the many suites we provide.  The software allows organisations to regularly engage with stakeholders and customers, taking time to understand their perspectives, views and feelings about both the organisation and the products and services provided.  The customer engagement software allows you to capture a wide range of your customer engagement activities, and a wide range of customer views, from across your organisation, and collate this information all in one place for further analysis and action.

Who are Tai Calon?

Tai Calon Community Housing is a Social Housing not-for-profit organisation. Tai Calon was established in July, 2010 and is the largest social housing landlord in Blaenau Gwent, Wales, with more than 6,100 homes across the three valleys.

In February 2017, Tai Calon became our customer when they purchased the customer engagement suite. Ross Watts, Head of Communities at Tai Calon, tells us more about customer engagement and the challenges they faced as an organisation.

What were Tai Calon's main challenges? Ross Watts, head of communities at Tai Calon

Tai Calon encountered many challenges before looking for a tool which helped them improve their customer engagement. Ross explains what Tai Calon were previously using:

“Prior to Clearview we were recording all the customer engagement information either on excel spreadsheets or pen and paper.”

However, this method presents many challenges, Ross explained:

“We had many different challenges with our customer engagement. It was quite difficult to always view things on spreadsheets and it wasn’t clear what we were actually measuring. We also knew that the good things we were doing weren't being captured and it was therefore difficult to know what activities worked well and what didn’t.”

Why Clearview?

Ross discusses why Clearview was the right choice:

“There were quite a few things that attracted us to Clearview. The system is extremely simple and therefore it will be straight forward for everyone to use.”

Ross explains what he would consider Clearview's USP:

“I would say the biggest unique selling point would be the customer engagement portal which we have access to, as we liked the idea of the online self-service approach.” 

What is Tai Calon trying to achieve?

One of the added values and benefits of Clearview’s Customer Engagement suite is the ability to streamline administration, as customers are able to easily administer all of their engagement activity in one place. Ross explains: 

“There are quite a few different customer engagement activities we are looking to achieve. We want to start capturing a wide range of activity across the whole business in one place.”

Ross continues: 

“We also want to be able to easily see how effective customers think we are, and in addition, we want to be able to clearly see who said what, and what has been/could be done as a result of what they have said.”

Using Clearview's software organisations can increase actionable customer insight by capturing information on customers and their preferences, opinions and perceptions. Being able to view the impact and outcomes that engagement is having on your business, helps to identify the positive changes that can be made.

About Clearview

Clearview’s customer engagement suite consists of four modules: Activity manager; Survey manager; Customer engagement website; and Intelligence and reporting. These modules can be provided in any combination to suit the particular needs of your organisation.

To discover how Clearview can help your business innovate and deliver a tangible performance improvement please get in touch.

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