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Internal innovation delivers substantial performance and customer service improvements for the Wrekin Housing Trust

Back in 2010, the Wrekin Housing Trust decided to implement Clearview’s Strategy and performance suite. The trust are now entering their sixth year with Clearview and are achieving substantial efficiency, performance and perhaps a little surprisingly, environmental benefits from the system.

In this article, Clearview took the opportunity to chat with Shirley Hasenauer – Business Information Analyst at Wrekin to learn more about the difference Clearview has made at the trust.

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The Wrekin Housing Trust is one of the largest social housing providers/housing associations in the West Midlands with almost 12,000 homes for rent (and low cost home ownership) across Shropshire and Staffordshire. Established in 1999, their portfolio of homes is growing through new developments across Shropshire and Staffordshire and includes everything from apartments in well-established residential areas to town houses and family homes in both rural and town locations.


A continuous improvement journey…

shirley hasenauer.jpgClearview: “Hi Shirley, so why did you select Clearview?”

Shirley: “We decided to implement Clearview following a comprehensive procurement process. We reviewed several solutions but Clearview were the standout choice for us. We felt that Clearview had the software tools we required, but importantly they also had a comprehensive portfolio of positive endorsement from their customers. We knew that we were going on a continuous improvement journey and we wanted to know that we had the support and expertise to help us every step of the way. Five years on, I’m so glad we did.”

Internal innovation – an opportunity for efficiency and performance gains

Clearview: “Thank you Shirley. So what has changed as a consequence of Clearview?”

Shirley: “We have found that it gives our business planning a much more integrated, focused approach. To begin with it made us realise that we were trying to achieve far too many projects, many of which were not linked to achieving our corporate objectives. The Clearview software is very easy to use. It has allowed greater transparency, accountability, and better use of resources as well as significantly reducing the amount of time spent producing board and management meeting reports. But let me give you a specific practical example of a significant efficiency saving we’ve achieved across the entire organisation as a consequence of using Clearview…"


“Five years ago, we had a team of people that would gather together information on a monthly basis for our exec and management team meetings. They would interview information providers and collect and interpret the information to produce management report packs. This process was extremely time consuming and by its very nature fraught with potential for human error. It was not only inefficient for the team, but it was also a drain on both managers and front-line staff having to supply the material for the reports. Furthermore, the business was running a significant risk as the expertise to produce the reports resided with a few skilled individuals. Who were potentially irreplaceable."

“With Clearview the entire process has changed. Our monthly management and exec team meetings don’t have paper reports produced anymore. Instead, we use Clearview live on screen in meetings. Staff and managers update tasks, projects and risk assessments as part of their day to day activities. This information is rolled up dynamically so we can monitor performance, risk exposure and progress all in one place. When we need a report, we just run one and display it right there on the screen. This saves us time, money and also helps the environment as we are no longer printing hundreds of pages onto paper."

Performance culture…

Clearview: “So what impact has this had on the culture of the business?”

Shirley: “A positive one. It means that we are able to be a much more dynamic organisation. We don’t have to wait for management meetings any longer to see the whole picture, we see it any time, get the very latest position. This has had immeasurable benefits for us in terms of project delivery, identifying issues early and taking corrective action. The knock on effect for our customers has been improvements in service. Everyone has benefited.”

“Another cultural benefit is that all of our staff are now aligned and fully committed to achieving our business strategy. Everyone can see at a glance their performance and how it is contributing to their team and organisation goals. I think it’s fair to say that we now, thanks to Clearview, have a fully embedded performance improvement culture from top to bottom in the organisation."

How have you found Clearview?

Shirley: “The customer service is excellent! We have regular meetings with our dedicated account manager and these have helped us improve our use of the system and ensured that we achieved all of the benefits we sought from having the system. Clearview have been with us on every step of our journey and have been a pleasure to work with.”

To discover how Clearview can help your business innovate and deliver a tangible performance improvement please get in touch.