Cestria use Clearview's software to manage and monitor performance

One clear view of the truth at Cestria

Christine Scott Assistant Director, Strategy and Business Improvement, says:

“Clearview has been fundamental in embedding a performance and risk management culture here, and actually saves people time because it’s all in one place. Our managers like using it to help with one to ones as they can look at individual’s progress and see their comments alongside this.”


Established in 2008 with over 4,200 properties in County Durham in the North East of England, Cestria Community Housing have 159 employees all working towards achieving the Cestria vision: Creating safe, happy and vibrant communities.

In July 2015, Cestria Community Housing retained their ‘Leaders in Diversity’ status for a further 2 years, confirming their commitment to embedding equality and diversity across the association.

Since October 2014 Cestria Community Housing has been part of a formal partnership working with the Isos Group, with Cestria Community Housing being a wholly-owned subsidiary of Isos housing. This partnership will help Cestria in many ways, including providing better services to customers and growth.

Why Clearview?

Cestria Community Housing decided to implement Clearview back in 2008 to help manage and monitor performance for individuals and for the whole association, to deliver on their strategic plan. The Clearview strategy and performance suite has helped to track progress towards strategic priorities, particularly identifying areas that needed improvement. The traffic light indicators make it simple to identify matters requiring attention, and the drilldown from the top level down to an individual’s tasks is seamless enabling a clear view of an individual’s contribution to the achievement of the association’s strategic goals time and again.

Business Improvement Manager, says:

“We chose to implement Clearview as it provides one version of the truth that everyone can access. This means that all employees can see our progress, and see how their efforts are helping us to achieve our strategic priorities. This also helps make it easier for us to report to our board, with accurate information that is up to date.”

Where to next?

Having seen the benefits of Clearview to help achieve strategic priorities and embed a performance improvement and risk management culture within Cestria Community Housing, the next stage of the journey for the Isos Group partnership is to investigate the use of Clearview across the group.