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Implementing Clearview's customer service improvement suite at Rooftop Housing


Rooftop is a group of four housing associations that provide a range of housing solutions to meet the needs of communities across Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and the West Midlands, sharing a single set of values and objectives.

The business focus of all members of Rooftop Housing Group is expected to reflect these objectives and values.

Rooftop Housing Group Limited is the parent organisation.

Evesham and Pershore Housing Association Limited is a charitable association which focuses on provision of affordable housing for all household types and needs.

Rooftop Homes Limited specialises in ‘key worker’ accommodation for hospital staff, private rental properties and the majority of the Group’s garages.

G3 provides and manages support and care services to young and older people throughout Gloucestershire and Worcestershire.

The challenge

The team at Rooftop Housing Group were very clear about what their main objectives were and what they wanted to achieve from implementing Clearview’s products:

  • Performance management

  • Business planning

  • Don’t reinvent the wheel each year

  • Link things together

  • Easier to manage

  • Visible

  • Catalyst for change

"The total quantifiable benefits arising from the Clearview initiative amount to an on-going £60,000 to £65,000 productivity gain per annum"

Charles Brotherton, Financial Director, Rooftop Housing Group

The solution – focus on Customer Service Improvement

Rooftop Housing Group became a Clearview customer in 2007. They currently use a number of products including strategy and performance, risk, service excellence, balanced scorecard, performance scorecard, process management and customer service improvement.

Clearview’s process management and intelligence software identifies and highlights ways for front line housing and maintenance staff to improve customer service processes to deliver significantly improved outcomes for customers.

The module draws all the information it requires from existing IT systems, and does not require any other data input. The module helps to:

  • Provide a common view of data across the organisation;

  • Establish if the service meets your customers’ requirements and expectations,  identifying any areas for improvement;

  • Report on the efficiency and effectiveness of your customer service processes;

  • Address weaknesses by developing and testing processes, driving continuous improvement;

  • Equip staff, from directors to housing officers, with the tools to improve performance across your organisation; and

  • Report by exception on your repairs and maintenance, income management and voids and lettings processes.

“Clearview has helped us to integrate value for money into our culture. Making sure we are Effective (doing the right things), Efficient (doing things right) and delivering Economy (optimising cost)”

Sheila Morris, HR Director, Rooftop Housing


Rooftop Housing Group were able to make their processes more efficient, deliver savings and improve their HouseMark results from median to top quartile within six months of implementing our Customer Service Improvement suite.

The graph below clearly shows the immediate improvement that took place to Rooftop’s emergency repairs process when installation was completed.


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