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Clearview enables customers to achieve IIP Gold


Rooftop Housing Group Limited is a group of four housing associations that provide a range of housing solutions to meet the needs of communities across Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and the West Midlands, sharing a single set of values and objectives.

The group employs over 200 staff and has a turnover of £32 million. Rooftop Housing Group became a Clearview customer in 2007. They currently use a number of products including Clearview Business Planning, Risk, Performance and People.

The Investors in People journey at Rooftop Housing Group

Ann Lindon, Head of Human Resources at Rooftop Housing Group, explains the background to the organisation’s involvement with Investors in People (IIP):

“We were first awarded IIP in 1999 and have been accredited every 3 years since. In 2008, we chose to delay our re-assessment for a month as we learnt that IIP had launched a new measurement criterion for higher than standard (Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4). We had projects related to actions arising from staff surveys and outcomes from our staff conference on Clearview and knew that the achievement of these would contribute to our assessment. We also had practices embedded that were required to exceed standard and therefore we aimed for a Level 4.” 

Ann continues:

“As a result of completing our projects, we were successful in achieving a ‘Silver’ Award. We knew from feedback at the time that we were only a few indicators away from being a ‘Gold’ organisation and a project for ‘Going to Gold’ was encouraged by our Board. We were delighted, of course, to be become an IIP Gold Standard organisation in late 2011.”

How Clearview was used during the Investors in People assessment

Rooftop Housing Group found Clearview to be an invaluable evidence tool during their IIP assessment. As Ann explains:

“One of the main principles of IIP is that staff understand the organisational objectives and how they are contributing to these. We use Clearview at 1-2-1s and team meetings. As a result, staff can see how their projects or tasks are contributing to the success of the organisation and how we are performing against relevant key performance indicators.”

 Ann continues:

“The evolution of Clearview, the linking of individual and team tasks into the objectives and strategic direction of the organisation, and the ability to regularly monitor this at an individual or team level, was mentioned as a strength in the report from our IIP assessor. The ability to link documents to tasks is a real time saver as it meant we could gather evidence in a single place as we were carrying out tasks rather than collecting hard copies. Managers could view the tasks on the Going for Gold project and link these to the IIP standards. The visibility of the tasks and progress also assisted at Managers Forum meetings when IIP was being discussed.”

 The role of Clearview in gaining IIP Gold accreditation

Thinking back to the role of Clearview during the assessment process, Ann explains:

“Our on-site assessment commenced with a demonstration of Clearview to our assessor and the business planning processes behind the goals and projects. We were able to inform our assessor of the involvement of all stakeholders in the business planning process, from the Board to individuals through their Team Action Plans, and how all this fed back into Clearview.  Our assessor was then able to discuss with staff the process and their understanding of it.”

“Clearview enabled us to demonstrate how we evaluated learning requirements to meet our organisational objectives through clearly defined goals, projects and tasks. This will be further enhanced with Clearview’s new Personal Performance module, which we have just acquired.”

Ann continues:

“We now have the Service Excellence tool on Clearview. Having seen how the latest version works, I can really see how it will save us time in the future by enabling us to input our evidence in one central place and being able to monitor our progress. Now that we are ‘Gold’, we want to make sure that we are fully aware of our performance against the standard. I plan to use Clearview Service Excellence in our Managers’ Forum meetings so that it is visible for all of us.”

“We were able to demonstrate how staff could access information directly to understand what their priorities were for that particular day. Now that we have the Personal Performance module, there will be even more opportunities for staff to see how they are contributing to the performance of the organisation through the appraisal module. The ability to pull through tasks and targets from Clearview and have access to documents for 1-2-1 meetings is an excellent tool for staff and managers to understand their own and their staff members’ performance.”


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