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Improved performance management at Rooftop 


Rooftop is a group of four housing associations that provide a range of housing solutions to meet the needs of communities across Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and the West Midlands, sharing a single set of values and objectives. The group has turnover of £32m and more than 200 staff.

Rooftop Housing Group Limited is the parent organisation.

Evesham and Pershore Housing Association Limited is a charitable association which focuses on provision of affordable housing for all household types and needs.

Rooftop Homes Limited specialises in ‘key worker’ accommodation for hospital staff and private rental properties.

G3 provides and manages support and care services to young and older people throughout Gloucestershire and Worcestershire.

The challenge

The team at Rooftop Housing Group were very clear about what their main objectives were and what they wanted to achieve from implementing Clearview. Their main aim was to improve performance management and enhance business planning processes by embedding a consistent, joined-up approach to performance management across the organisation.

Rooftop Housing Group decided to use Clearview as a catalyst to achieve this large-scale business and cultural change and became a Clearview customer in 2007. They currently use a number of products including strategy and performance, risk, service excellence, balanced scorecard, performance scorecard, process management and customer service improvement.

The solution – Clearview performance scorecard

Clearview’s performance scorecard is a powerful business tool that has been developed to enable organisations to report on regulatory, organisational and pre-defined sector best practice performance indicators, all within a balanced business scorecard framework.

The module enables your organisation to monitor and manage core performance and delivery of improvement initiatives and plans. It incorporates traffic-light performance indicators with the facility to drill down from an organisation-level ‘scorecard’ right through to base information level.

As well as being able to track performance against action plan targets and corporate project milestones, you can also view performance information for all parts of the business with minimal user-input, analyse year-to-date, month and trend information and highlight any problem areas quickly and easily. You can link to core application databases via the Clearview data import tool to enable information in the scorecard to be uploaded automatically. 


Sheila Morris, HR Director of Rooftop Housing, was instrumental in the implementation of Clearview and remains a key user and advocate of the system. As well as embedding an effective performance management system and culture into the organisation, the use of Clearview performance scorecard has enabled Rooftop Housing Group to deliver time and cost savings.

Sheila explained:

“Our existing planning process was essentially paper-based requiring considerable effort to keep live and up-to-date. Right from the first year of using Clearview, the result has been high levels of delivery. A number of key performance indicators are now fed automatically into the performance scorecard rather than being calculated manually and then formatted for reporting and presentation. Transparent performance measures are now available throughout the organisation – from the bottom to the top”.