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Rooftop Housing Group transform their performance review process

“We have seen the benefit of the integrated 360/appraisal system and no paperwork… the online approval has saved a lot of time, and the reporting has enabled us to see where appraisals are missing, without detailed manual spreadsheets.”

Ann Lindon FCIPD, Head of Human Resources, RHG


Rooftop Housing Group consists of Evesham and Pershore Housing Association, a registered provider of social housing predominantly in Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and the West Midlands; Rooftop Homes Limited specialises in ‘key worker’ accommodation for hospital staff and private rental properties; and G3 (inspiring individuals), a voluntary organisation that provides support and accommodation to young people aged 16-25 and older people aged 55+. In total the group has turnover £32m, owns more than 6,000 properties and has more than 200 staff. Rooftop has been using the Clearview strategy and performance suite since 2007. In that time, Rooftop has gone from strength to strength achieving a three stars and excellent outcome from the Audit Commission inspection and more recently achieving Investors in People Gold accreditation. In both cases the independent assessor involved commented on how effectively Clearview was utilised within the organisation helping Rooftop to achieve these outcomes.

The challenge

Rooftop wanted to overcome a cumbersome time and labour intensive performance review process and particularly wanted to solve the problem of the “paper chase” associated with performance reviews. Rooftop also wanted to utilise a 360 degree competency assessment for all staff, to aid feedback on performance and develop the potential of employees.

In a nutshell they required a system that:

  • Integrates with their performance management process and system;

  • Has a 360 degree competency feedback system linked directly to the appraisal;

  • Has flexibility and supports self-sufficiency, so when a new or change to an existing form was required they can do it themselves at no additional cost;

  • Has learning and development linked to the appraisal system, and creates a record for future reference;

  • Supports on-line authorisation for all documents; and finally

  • Provides business intelligence to support HR decision making.

The solution - Clearview personal performance module…

… is a web based software solution aiding the management and monitoring of performance reviews, competency assessments and learning and development processes. The solution can be supplied as a standalone module or as part of the Clearview Strategy and performance suite; deployed on-premise or hosted as suits the requirements of your organisation.

The personal performance module enables you to…

Improve organisational performance

  • Proactively manage performance and align personal performance and objectives with the organisation’s strategy and goals;

  • Design, undertake and manage tailored performance reviews such as appraisals, appraisal reviews and one-to-ones;

  • Carry out 90 degree (self-assessment) and 360 degree (self-assessment and colleague assessment) scoring against pre-defined organisational competencies;

  • Identify, analyse and address any learning and development needs; and

  • Interrogate all aspects of organisational, departmental and individual performance and clearly view what is on target or not; and quickly drill down into specific areas for further information and to address any issues.

Streamline and simplify processes – saving time and money

  • Bring a consistent approach to the administration of personal performance across the organisation, within a secure and controlled web-based environment;

  • Streamline and simplify the personal performance review process to save time and cost via automated email alerting and workflow;

  • Enable an on-going review of personal performance with supporting evidence and documentation, rather than just carrying out a single annual review;

  • Improve the completion rates, consistency and quality of employee appraisals, appraisal reviews and 1-2-1 meetings; and

  • Free up employees, managers and HR to spend more time on strategic activities.

Improve staff management and accountability

  • Empower line managers to effectively and efficiently supervise the performance of any direct reports; and

  • Place responsibility for the updating and completion of performance related tasks and actions with the individual, thereby encouraging and enabling a culture of personal responsibility.


Since implementing the system just nine months ago, it has delivered on the initial requirements and much more besides. Ann Lindon, summarises the outcomes achieved for Rooftop:

“We have seen the benefit of the integrated 360/appraisal system and no paperwork.  We are, like a lot of other organisations, moving to remote working and we have multiple sites, the online approval has saved a lot of time and the reporting has enabled us to see where appraisals are missing, without having to manage and maintain detailed manual spreadsheets.

There have also been benefits for staff. They are able to access their 360, appraisal and learning and development records at any time. This in turn has delivered savings in HR time forwarding documents to managers and staff.

It is a key part of our business that all staff can see how they contribute to the goals and objectives of the organisation; by linking appraisal task and targets to the organisation’s performance management system has enabled staff to further understand their contribution.”

The future

So what next for Rooftop? Ann continues…:

"The Clearview personal performance system has really made a difference at Rooftop. The Human Resources team, and Rooftop staff, have confidence in the system and we want to expand its use into other areas. For example, we are looking at introducing other processes onto the system such as, probation, induction, 1-2-1s, which again will be stored on the system and will be approved on line by managers, as appropriate.”