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Implementing performance scorecard


Shoreline Housing Partnership is a registered provider of affordable housing and a non-profit-making organisation which owns and manages 7,900 homes in North East Lincolnshire.

The company employs 234 staff and had a turnover of £26 million during 2010/2011. Shoreline Housing Partnership became a Clearview customer in November 2006. They currently use a number of Clearview products including Planning, Risk and Performance.

The challenge

Shoreline Housing Partnership already had an approach in place for managing and monitoring Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and Performance Indicator (PI) information across the organisation

However, Shoreline Housing Partnership recognised that a number of changes were required to make the existing process more efficient and effective. They were very clear about what their main objectives were and what they wanted to achieve from implementing Clearview performance scorecard.

Andrew Eayres, Performance Manager for Shoreline Housing Partnership, explains: “We knew we needed to improve and rationalise how we held our KPI and PI information. Prior to using Clearview’s performance scorecard, we had a number of different spreadsheets that held our KPI and PI information, in different formats, all created by different people over time for different reasons. As a result, there was a lack of consistency and structure in our approach.”

Andrew continues: “As an existing Clearview customer, we were very impressed with the functionality and usability of the performance scorecard module. We knew it would give us the framework we required to achieve real change. It also made sense to implement the module; we saw it as the missing link in our existing Clearview holdings.”

The solution – Clearview performance scorecard

Clearview’s performance scorecard is a powerful business tool that has been developed to enable organisations to report on regulatory, organisational and pre-defined sector best practice performance indicators, all within a balanced business scorecard framework.

The module enables your organisation to monitor and manage core performance and delivery of improvement initiatives and plans. It incorporates traffic-light performance indicators with the facility to drill down from an organisation-level ‘scorecard’ right through to base information level.

As well as being able to track performance against action plan targets and corporate project milestones, you can also view performance information for all parts of the business with minimal user-input, analyse year-to-date, month and trend information and highlight any problem areas quickly and easily. You can automatically import data from core application databases using the automation tool, saving time and effort compared with manually keying data into the system.


Andrew Eayres is confident that Shoreline Housing Partnership has met its original objectives by introducing Clearview performance scorecard into the organisation.

“We were able to deliver numerous outcomes and improvements, as a direct result of implementing Clearview performance scorecard. The scorecard gives us the ability to have all of our KPI and PI information in one place. We’ve also been able to embed the “capture once, use many times” principle. This has made our approach to performance management much more time efficient and less prone to error due to disparate and disconnected spreadsheets.”

Andrew continues: “In addition, it’s easy to record and display the actions associated with each KPI and input any corresponding notes or narrative. Having a more transparent framework in place has enabled more proactive ownership of KPIs. The fact that we can link Clearview performance scorecard to our other Clearview products is a key benefit. Finally, the module is reasonably priced, which should not be underestimated in the current economic climate.”