Transforming data into actionable insight at Locala

“Clearview has helped the organisation derive tangible value and insight from our data that is in turn driving improvements in the quality of care and service that we provide.”

Locala Community Partnerships are a Community Interest Company (CIC), an independent, not for profit social enterprise providing NHS community services to over 400,000 people in and around the Kirklees area. Three years ago Locala procured Clearview’s business intelligence suite alongside the performance scorecard module to provide their performance team with the tools they needed to report on key performance indicators and other data to support the business.

Improved collection processes and the quality of our data

Profile pic MD.jpgMichele Day, Information Manager, Locala says,

“When we first implemented Clearview it was primarily to support our performance team. We have limited resources so efficiently producing management reports for meetings was a key driver. However, the first real benefit we observed was in helping us to identify and resolve issues around the quality of our data. The tools enabled us to identify where we had errors or missing data which in turn helped improve our data collection processes. Over time this has enabled us to build trust in the information we hold and report on and develop a single version of the truth”.

Single location for all KPIs

dashboard 1.pngThe Locala strategic objectives for 2015/16 cover three strands:

  • To personalise care and support
  • Use technology with the patient every day
  • Use budgeted time and resources effectively

To track performance against these objectives, requires data to be collected from a number of business unit systems such as: Human Resources; Finance; Governance; Quality; and service delivery teams. A variety of systems are in use but the Clearview system has no problem pulling the data together to provide a single repository for all of this information. This in turn allows for tailored dashboards to be constructed for all stakeholders.

Dashboards tailored to the needs of the business stakeholders

scorecard 1.png

Commenting on the tailored dashboard approach, Michele says,

“We have a strategic dashboard with a suite of KPIs, the board have just started viewing it live in meetings, reducing the amount of paper we produce for the board pack. We’re also building specific dashboards for each business unit containing relevant KPIs for them as well as standard ones such as progress towards objectives and project performance. These are used at team meetings to understand what is happening. We are developing a transparency within the business, with a refreshing focus on performance improvement. Focus has shifted from finding and providing information to analysing and interpreting what’s now being automatically provided.”

A noticeable implementation approach taken by Locala has seen them brand the solution with Locala’s distinctive colour scheme. They’ve also facilitated access to the system via their SharePoint Intranet.

Commenting Michele Says,

“Staff use the Intranet every day and we wanted to expose performance information through dashboards via this platform. Branding the solution with our own colour scheme and imagery has really helped staff relate to it. Clearview looks and feels like it’s part of our Intranet and has certainly helped in driving a sense of ownership and accountability. This in turn has led to a further benefit in that teams are benchmarking their performance against each other and learning and sharing on how to improve. It’s all having a positive effect on performance and improving the quality of care delivery.”

Contract monitoring

As Locala take on new contracts they have started to use the system to track the contract performance and quality measures required by the commissioners.

dashboard 2.png

Commenting on the use of the system for contract monitoring Michele says,

“As we take on new contracts we now generate specific dashboards and scorecards to enable us to track key measures that commissioners require us to. This has saved a lot of time in reporting to commissioners as the information is readily available, but it has also enabled the delivery teams to focus on areas of underperformance and correct them before it gets too far into the contract. Our next step is to open the system up and give commissioners access directly to the dashboards to reduce paper work and provide a more transparent contract reporting framework for them which we believe will give us a competitive edge in the future.”

New call centre – improved call handling

Locala recently implemented Rostrvm call handling software. They take regular extracts of data and use the data to obtain important insights about call handling, response times and service impact. For example, it is enabling them to identify where service delivery is in breach of commitments in contracts, and improve the quality of call recording by ensuring calls are categorised and prioritised correctly.

dashboard 3.png

Commenting Michele says,

“Our new call handling software was a significant step in helping us deliver on our contractual commitments around call response and service delivery. We needed to ensure we were meeting targets so it was essential that calls were not only answered quickly, but categorised correctly for subsequent delivery stages. Using Clearview we have identified call peak times where we had issues hitting targets and are using the data to adjust our work rotas to improve performance.”

Tangible savings through measuring and monitoring the progress towards goals

Locala have not just used the system for analysing and reporting on performance data. They have applied the concept of data analysis and monitoring to innovatively support a number of business efficiency initiatives.

skype.jpgIncreased use of technology to support virtual engagements

One goal is to increase the number of care engagements delivered virtually (via Skype), Michele comments,

“Virtual engagements is a new concept and not fully understood by all. However, it is crucial that we increase the number of virtual engagements to hit some of our service delivery targets. By monitoring the number of virtual engagements by team we are developing an environment where best practice can be shared to help us meet our targets without compromising the quality of care delivered.”


Reducing print costs


Another goal is to save £2500 a month from printing. Michele says,

“We get page print data on a monthly basis from finance which we have used to generate a visualisation that shows the performance against target by team. We are using this to identify high users and encourage staff to view reports and other material on screen rather than print. We can see a clear trend towards reducing printing to paper as a result which is helping us hit our target.”

Reducing mileage

car on map.jpg

Locala are targeting a reduction in mileage to cut down on the size of expense claims and increase time available to support service delivery rather than being spent driving. Michele says,

“Team based mileage and expense reports are again helping us to achieve our goal of a reduction in expenses this is supported with an aim to increase virtual engagements and increasing the time available for service delivery.”


Summarising Michele says,Locala are well on their way to embedding Clearview within the organisation to track strategic objectives, contractual performance and to build a culture of information transparency. This in turn is driving ownership and accountability throughout the organisation and improving performance.

“We have started to use Clearview live in board meetings and can already see its potential. Clearview has helped the organisation derive tangible value and insight from our data that is in turn driving improvements in the quality of care and service that we provide."

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