whg use Clearview to transform their data and reporting culture

About whg

whg was formed in 2003 and owns and manages around 20,000 properties across Walsall. whg began their Clearview journey in 2007 with the Strategy and performance software suite, and then purchased the Clearview business intelligence and reporting tool in 2013; implementing both to help them achieve their business objectives. Hazel Edwards, Business Insight and Performance Manager, tells us more about how the Clearview business intelligence and reporting tool has helped whg.

Business challenge 

whg saw a number of opportunities to enhance their reporting and data management. When asked about the key objectives whg was trying to meet, Hazel said:

A lot of our technical report-writing team’s time was being spent responding to one-off information requests. We took the decision that we wanted to move to more of a self-service model of reporting in order to maximise the impact of our technical skills, but also to empower colleagues to own their own data and performance”. 

Why Clearview?

Hazel discusses why Clearview was the right choice: Business intelligence devices.

"We wanted a system that could easily connect to our existing systems, and needed to ensure that this system was future proof and could connect to any system in the future. We were already a Clearview customer and we had a great relationship with Clearview and their staff, so we knew they would make sure the tool was right for us and support us with their experience and expertise too.” 

 Use of Clearview

Clearview business intelligence and reporting is being used across the organisation. whg has created many different types of reports, and have made these available for a wide variety of audiences. Hazel explained:

“Various people across the business now have their own tailored up-to- date reports. The tool is being used really well by our income collection and community safety teams for example. They are accessing the Clearview system and reviewing their data, seeing where improvements to the business can be made and making these changes. This is a great example of using the tool to gain actionable insight and improve our services.”

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Benefits of Clearview

Clearview has helped whg in numerous ways. Hazel said: 

“Clearview has helped to support moving the organisation to focus much more on data and its value to the business. It has supported teams to improve their data quality and is encouraging a self-service model. This has significantly increased colleagues’ confidence with their data. It also allows them to see data and insight that they previously have not been able to access.  It’s given users the ability to drive their own data and reporting needs, and the expertise in report writing used to build the foundations of analysis and reporting.”

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What's next? 

 “Now that we’re confident with the tool we want to use it more to support us with data cleansing and create exception reports. Other plans include supporting us with our asset data and our customer contact data in particular. For example, allowing us to overlay data about our customers and assets that have previously sat in different reports. Clearview has been really powerful for us in terms of allowing us to combine data in shorter timescales but also to offer a richer level of insight.” 


Hazel continued: 

“We have also planned to look at our customer experience data and delve into the data we have around this. We anticipate that Clearview will help us identify where improvements can be made to really help drive the business forward.”

About Clearview 

Clearview gives you a single, connected approach to managing your organisation. Create and execute your strategic plan, manage your performance, search, report and understand your information and engage positively with your customers.

To discover how Clearview can help your business innovate and deliver a tangible performance improvement please get in touch.