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The solution offered by Clearview provides us with the flexibility we required to adapt the system to a range of areas and was simple and structured enough to offer a no-mess solution that was easy to use, whilst also offering value for money. So far we have found everyone at Clearview to be friendly and helpful, and we are really looking forward to working closely with them to develop a solution that meets our needs.

Commissioning Manager

Staff have access to Clearview and can track progress of the project they are working on and how it relates to wider corporate goals. Progress against plans and objectives is closely monitored. Action plans are SMART and progress against the plans closely monitored. This improves the certainty that key projects will be delivered.

Audit Commission inspection report

Clearview has been fundamental in embedding a performance and risk management culture here, and actually saves people time because it's all in one place. Our managers like using it to help with one to ones as they can look at individual's progress and see their comments alongside this.

Assistant Director

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