Clearview GDPR solution showcase for housing


  • 4th April 2018, 2.30-3.30pm; Or
  • 12th April 2018, 2-3pm

Location: Webcast

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There is no doubt that some housing organisations are hitting the panic button now we’re only three months away from the deadline – seemingly with no clear solution in sight that will solve the multiple business challenges created or exacerbated by GDPR. If you do feel you are on your way to compliance, have you thought about how you will maintain compliance cost-effectively?

Clearview are developing an intelligent data discovery and management solution (DDAM) that will help you to create an inventory and store of all your tenant and property information across your housing data estate. From your housing management system, asset management system, CRM, HR, complaints, email, document and contract stores and more. You can assess your compliance with the regulation and ultimately monitor and maintain that compliance.
Additionally, we are also able to provide employee online compliance training using an innovative and engaging gaming technique to help cascade awareness of GDPR and potentially other compliance requirements to all of your staff in a timely manner.
In this webinar we'll be illustrating how our GDPR solution can help you to not only efficiently attain, but maintain your compliance with GDPR into the future in a way that delivers value for money to your organisation. You'll discover how to:
  • Create a comprehensive data inventory
  • Manage your data assets - structured (databases), unstructured (documents) and semi-structured (email)
  • Maintain ongoing compliance with GDPR
  • Service data subject access requests easily and efficiently
  • Cascade GDPR awareness training to all staff in seconds and monitor its effectiveness

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 4th April 2018 2.30pm
 12th April 2018 2pm