People management

Clearview people management in action

Leading organisations understand the importance and role of their staff in helping them achieve their business goals. Effective and efficient people and performance management strategies and processes are pivotal to success.

We recently ran this event to raise awareness of best practice in people and performance management processes. The event included presentations from a human resource expert on best practice for performance review processes as well as Clearview clients reflecting on their experiences. These experiences included automating their performance review process, implementing a 360 degree competency assessment process and smartening their approach to people management.

Key takeaways from the event

  • You’re never too small (in terms of employees) to introduce proper performance procedures – in fact it’s easier to do when you don’t have so many staff
  • Successful schemes involve staff at all points when developing the performance process, and address cultural issues along the way. Don’t be frightened of the elephant in the room.
  • People’s performance objectives cannot stand apart from the strategy of the organisation – they must link to it.
  • Electronic systems can bring amazing efficiencies, and increase effectiveness, no matter how small an organisation you are.
  • The way a job is done, is just as important as whether it gets done. Behaviours should be an integral part of the process.


The following presentation are available upon request - please get in touch.

The performance review process
Leading HR consultant Debra Blackwood discusses the performance review process and what is recognised best practice for people management.

Automation of the performance review process
Ann Wolstencroft of Severnvale Housing Society discusses their approach to automating their performance review process and adding in a 360 degree competency assessment to boot!

Smarter people management
Jennifer Appleton of ISO QS Ltd, discusses how her organisation transformed their approach to performance reviews and people management.

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