ISO 9001 and 27001 for a third successive year ISO 27001 2013 - no border.PNG

Clearview have been certificated for a further 12 months for ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 following a recent external audit and inspection. This is now our third successive year of successful certification for both standards. 

Our external auditor (ISO Quality Services Ltd) commented on Clearview’s audit outcome saying:

“The current 9001 and 27001 management systems can be described as very good - with some outstanding features. A further 12 month period of certification is therefore recommended - in both cases.“ 

ISO 9001 2015 - no border.PNGClearview make extensive use of their own software for managing and maintaining their ISO compliance and certifications. They use the system for tracking all company activity pertaining to the standards from audit actions through to staff learning and development.

Nicky Hawkins.JPGCommenting on the outcome, Nicky Hawkins, Director, says,

“We place significant emphasis on our ISO certifications to ensure we are following best practice guidelines for the delivery of quality service and secure management of data. This provides our customers with confidence that the company is not only trustworthy but is also managing the security of both customer and the company’s own data to the highest standards.”