Strategy and performanceClearview Strategy and performance:

Manage and achieve your organisation’s vision, mission and goals, monitor and help mitigate risks, track KPIs in balanced scorecards. Enables you to strive for, attain and retain industry standards and drive the personal performance of your staff.


Customer engagementClearview Customer engagement:

Manage your customer activities and campaigns, create and run surveys that can be targeted at specific customers, enable your customers to get involved via a self-service web portal. Report and fully understand the impact and outcomes customer engagement is having on your business.


Business intelligence and reportingClearview Business intelligence and reporting:

Collates data from any data source into a single searchable repository. View and manipulate your data, build feature rich reports, dashboards, drill through to the underlying information, delivering a single version of the truth.


 DataClearview Data:

Clearview provide a variety of both commercial and public domain data sets that we tailor to support your specific customer insight initiatives. Data is transformed into a form suitable for incorporation into your own analysis and reporting tools or Clearview's business intelligence and reporting or customer engagement products.


HostingClearview Hosting:

The Clearview hosting service provides a turn-key solution for deployment of Clearview’s software solutions. The hosting service removes any need to acquire, maintain or license additional hardware or software such as SQL    server which can be expensive and complicated.