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Data and its effective management helps drive efficiency, quality, and products and services, producing higher levels of customer satisfaction and experience.

Data governance and management is a challenge for all organisations of any size and scale be that improving data quality, compliance with regulation such as the GDPR or providing reliable sources of management information to support data driven decision making.

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infoboss data management software provides a means to collect, organise and categorise data from multiple sources into a central repository, providing data governance, quality, GDPR compliance, audit, alerting and advanced data discovery capabilities.
All too often companies possess large amounts of potentially invaluable data, but find their existing reporting tools or business intelligence processes too complicated and time-consuming to make the most of it. Clearview Business intelligence and reporting allows users of any skill level to search, enquire, analyse and report on information stored anywhere in your organisation.
We can source and supply data both commercial and public to support your wider data needs. Be that for a customer profiling or other big data initiative.

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