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Business intelligence and reporting on devices Clearview Business intelligence is an incredibly powerful next generation tool.

All too often companies possess large amounts of potentially invaluable data, but find their existing reporting tools or business intelligence processes too complicated and time-consuming to make the most of it.

Using ground breaking technology, Clearview Business intelligence and reporting allows users of any skill level to search, enquire and analyse information stored anywhere in your organisation through a single, easy to use, browser based interface. Powerful visualisation tools including VENN diagrams, Word clouds, dashboards, maps and crosstabs, help empower you to analyse and report on your data.powered_by_cxair.png

Added value and benefits:

Business improvement: gain valuable process and business insight; identify improvements and efficiencies; apply a consistent approach to business intelligence; and transform your service delivery.

Empower users: enable a self-service business intelligence culture through making reporting available to anyone in the organisation without the need for specialist skills or technical training.

Ad hoc and scheduled reporting: save time and money through carrying out real time data analysis and exploration across multiple data sources in addition to producing accurate and informative reports when required.

Powerful graphics and visualisations: tailor reports to your audience to improve insight and understanding of data. View unique, dynamic dashboards with a built in ability to drill down to the detail.

Simple deployment and a rapid return on investment.


If you would like to know more about what Clearview could do for you do not hesitate to get in touch. Alternatively, you could view our customer testimonials or case studies. 

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