Data icon 2.PNGData - Household and personal income

Household and personal incomeClearview have partnered with Experian to make available a modelled data set that identifies a person or household’s likely gross income.

The data can be purchased standalone or incorporated into one or more of Clearview’s products such as Business intelligence and reporting or Customer insight suite to help support your customer profiling, segmentation, experience and insight initiatives and inform your service and business improvement strategies.

What is it?

Household income dataThe Experian income data set provides a modelled view of either household or personal income. It includes income from all sources including but not limited to salary, pensions, benefits and investment income. An average income is also available for each postcode.

The base data was taken from a stratified random sample of 55,000 responses to YouGov surveys. The sample was split into a development sample and a test sample, and weighted to ensure it was fully representative of the UK population.

The table shows the split of income bands by percentage of households across the UK.

Data accuracy

  • On average, Income is accurate to £16,500.
  • 34% predicted correctly to exact band.
  • 64% predicted correctly to within 1 band.