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Infoboss data management provides a means to collect, organise and categorise data from multiple sources into a central repository. Delivering data governance, quality improvement, GDPR compliance, audit, alerting and advanced data discovery capabilities.

Built on Elastic Search, the platform is scalable, quick to setup and very easy to use.

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  • Rapid ROI: simple setup and configuration with minimal training required
  • Deploy to private cloud or on-premise
  • Embed GDPR data protection by design and other compliance requirements
  • Improve the quality of data from data collection to analysis
  • Produce redacted GDPR data subject access request data reports
  • Easily integrate to and from other systems using APIs
  • Process data from databases, document folders, email systems and more
  • Easy to use even for non-technical people
  • Enforce GDPR data retention strategies and other compliance rules
  • Discover and act on data anomalies as they happen


  • Collect structured and unstructured data into one repository
  • Automated personal data categorisation, redaction and anonymisation on load
  • Interfaces to multiple data sources: e.g. databases, email, documents
  • Comprehensive audit logging and monitoring
  • Messaging API for custom interfaces
  • Simple search-engine based query and data analysis
  • Massively scalable using Elastic Search technology
  • Automate quality and compliance rules on data load
  • Control and audit data flows to external systems and partners
  • Alert stakeholders whenever an exception occurs
How infoboss collects data and automates data management


To discover how Clearview's Infoboss can help support your data management requirements then please get in touch for an initial discussion or to arrange a product demonstration.



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Clearview are an ISO 27001 Information Security Management certificated organisation and independently audited annually to maintain compliance.