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Clearview Strategy and performance is designed specifically to enable you to manage your strategy, planning, risks and performance at both organisational and individual levels.

The software provides a natural integration between strategies, projects, plans, performance indicators (PIs), risks, service excellence criteria and performance reviews so that information only needs to be entered once and is then cascaded throughout the system.

The Clearview system is modular by design giving you the opportunity to tailor a solution to your specific requirements.

Modules include:

  • Strategy;
  • Project;
  • Risk;
  • Service excellence;
  • Performance scorecard;
  • Personal performance; and
  • Intelligence and reporting.

Added value and benefits

Strategic focus and delivery: Shape the purpose of the organisation, and align all change activity, to the strategic plan ensuring successful delivery.

Streamline processes and save time: Clearview not only reduces the time required to gather information but also helps to eliminate duplication and misdirection of effort. Exception reporting throughout the system ensures that management time is focused and that the organisation focuses on what matters.

Continuous improvement: Drive continuous improvement in all that you do, easily identifying areas for review and action.

Staff engagement: Engage all staff in the process of achieving the delivery of the strategic plan, ensuring understanding and buy in to your strategic planning process, motivating and empowering staff.

Embed a performance culture: Embed a performance culture with clear ownership and accountability, promoting proactive decision making and action.

Embed risk management: Ensure that risk management is effectively managed and taken seriously.

Simplified, tailored reporting: Centralised reporting of management information using effective visualisations and dashboards for varying audiences.

The Clearview strategy planning process

Clearview's strategy planning process

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