strategy.pngStrategy and performance - Intelligence and reporting

Business intelligence and reporting software The Intelligence and reporting module brings your strategy and performance system to life with a comprehensive and configurable collection of reports and dashboards.

“I really didn’t believe it could be that easy.”

Intelligence and reporting enables you to:

Improve organisational performance:

  • Improve data integrity;
  • Easily identify gaps in data;
  • Enable anyone to create and reveal information for their own use;
  • Create reports for internal or external accountability; 
  • Present performance data for executives, board or teams; and
  • Improve performance management and collaborative decision making.

Streamline and simplify processes:

  • Use an intuitive and flexible tool to search, analyse and report on your data;
  • Quickly and easily build reports;
  • Schedule reports or run on demand;
  • Drill through to real-time information; and
  • Answer questions as quickly as users can think of them.


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