strategy.pngStrategy and performance - Performance scorecard

The Clearview Performance Scorecard module provides a powerful business tool to store your performance indicator data and report on these for your organisation, all within a balanced scorecard framework.

 “The (Clearview) performance scorecard enables exception reporting which is enhancing decision making”

The Performance Scorecard module enables you to:

Improve organisational performance:

  • Create and monitor performance indicators with minimal user input;
  • Highlight problem areas quickly and easily, managing by exception;
  • Identify key patterns in your data;
  • Add commentary to explain performance;
  • Document corrective actions; 
  • Use performance results to track progress against strategy delivery; and
  • Track performance against a range of targets.

Streamline and simplify processes:

  • Create customised scorecards for different audiences - board members, managers, staff and customers;
  • Reflect the relative importance of different performance measures;
  • Use simple traffic light indicators to clearly show performance;
  • Drill down from a scorecard right through to base information level;
  • Improve data integrity; and
  • Use email triggers to support your processes.


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