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Arts council of Wales logo - Audience insight walesAudience Insight Wales helps arts organisations understand and develop their audiences by collecting, analysing and interpreting data.

What is Audience Insight Wales?

Clearview has been chosen by Arts Council Wales to deliver Audience Insight Wales, helping arts organisations better understand their audiences and to use that understanding to get bigger, broader audiences.

How can it help me develop audiences?

Clearview’s state-of-the-art, interactive software gives you live insights into your audiences and sales together with a constantly updated picture of how you are doing compared to your peers.

The Clearview software is flexible: you can report on the things you want to know about your audiences with data taken from your ticketing system and anywhere else you want. You get live, on-screen results and instant access to the data behind it. This means you have total control over data quality.

Each year, participants in Audience Insight Wales get an annual audience development report summarising and interpreting audience trends in your organisation compared to the picture nationally and in your sector. A one-to-one consultation session helps you make sense of your results and how you can use them for audience development. You also get quarterly bulletins exploring trends and taking a closer look at different audience groups.

Regular training will help you make the most of Clearview and tailor it to your organisation’s needs.

And all this is free to organisations regularly funded by Arts Council Wales.

Who can take part?

This is a new project taking a fresh approach to audience data.  We have started working with the theatres and arts centres revenue funded by Arts Council Wales.
Over summer 2015, Arts Council Wales funded touring companies and venues without ticketing systems can get involved.  You won’t miss out, though.  Clearview can look back in time, so everyone will be able to explore their audiences for 2014 and compare them with previous years.

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