How do audiences engage with your programme?

The Clearview team has been following 1.5 million ticket buyers as they engage with the programmes at 25 venues in Wales. These individuals bought 11.5 million tickets worth £130 million for 119,000 events over the last seven years so we can get a good insight into what they are choosing to see and do. Here are some of the findings. 

Audience Insight Wales Programmers Bulletin PDF


Audience choice (Cardiff venues)

Audiences in Cardiff have so much to choose from. What happens when audiences have a choice? Do they stick with their favourite venue? Or do they cherry pick their favourite artforms regardless of where it's on?

Audience Insight Wales Cardiff Bulletin PDF


Audiences for dance

Do you and your colleagues talk about “the dance audience”?  If you’ve got a dance event coming up, do you contact everyone who has bought tickets for dance in the past year?  The data from Audience Insight suggests you should think again.

Audience Insight Wales Dance Bulletin - ENGLISH.pdf


Family audiences

You and your colleagues have bought the booster cushions, introduced a child friendly menu to your café and set up the buggy park. But how much do you know about the families who flock to the rich array of events you’ve designed just for them? Probably less than you think.

Audience Insight Wales Family Bulletin.pdf



This bulletin analyses customers at the 16 Hynt venues that also participate in Audience Insight Wales. In the 18 months between 1 May 2015 and 21 October 2016, these venues issues 10,299 tickets free-of-charge to personal assistants and carers supporting disabled people who attended in 1,251 different productions or film titles. 8,841 of these tickets were issued to 3,296 unique named individuals. 

Audience Insight Hynt Bulletin PDF


Technical notes


Households ID

In autumn 2016, several venues joined the Audience Insight Wales project using a ticketing system that hasn’t been involved before. This means that the way households are identified has had to change. 

Audience Insight Wales Household ID technical note PDF 

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