Customer activity management

Overview Customer activity management

The best organisations strive to continuously improve in order to deliver excellent products and services to their customers.

One effective way of understanding what your organisation needs to do to improve, is to regularly engage with as many of your stakeholders and customers as possible, taking time to understand their perspectives, views and feelings about your organisation and the products and services you provide.

The challenge is to be able to engage through wide ranging activities as many of your customers as you can, in as many ways as possible, and to do this efficiently and effectively.


Clearview’s team of experienced consultants always put the customer at the heart of what they do. Why not ask the team to practice what they preach and help to review your current customer insight and engagement processes, identifying what works well, areas for improvement and deliverable actions for improved engagement and increased customer satisfaction.

“The consultant was excellent, patient and knowledgeable. They also answered all my questions well”

Added value and benefits

Clearview can help you to achieve:

• A proactive customer insight and engagement strategy putting the customer at the heart;
• A broad and representative view from stakeholders and customers;
• Streamlined, efficient administration around activity management;
• Good quality customer profiling information;
• Incentivisation approaches for customer to get involved;
• Effective insight into engaged customers; and
• Timely and effective reporting around the effectiveness of engagement including outputs and outcomes.

Why not contact us to find out more about how you can improve your existing processes as well as outcomes related to customer engagement activity? Or why not Contact us to find out more as to how the Clearview Customer engagement software is designed to help you easily administer all of your engagement activity in one place; enable your customers to get involved via a self-service customer engagement web portal and gain insight on your customers.

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