Competency frameworks

Overview Competency frameworks consultancy

It is widely recognised that people are the most valuable asset of a business and most organisations have introduced performance management processes to foster employee engagement, motivation and empowerment. To be truly effective, a performance management process should always include an assessment of competence against an agreed framework. Using competencies allows an organisation not only to focus on what has been achieved but the way it has been achieved, knowledge that is key in helping to gain a competitive advantage. A competency framework can be used to drive up performance, retain valuable resources and inform the development and restructuring of an organisation to positively impact outcomes.

A sound competency framework provides the individual with a map of the behaviours that will be valued, recognised and rewarded and provides the organisation with incisive, informed management information which can be adjusted over time to meet changing business needs.


Clearview’s experienced people management consultants can work with you to develop, review and embed competency frameworks that can be tailored to your organisation. Through understanding your business plan and organisational culture, Clearview will help you to develop, align and effectively implement competency frameworks that will help deliver an integrated framework across your organisation’s job roles, enabling the easy identification of role requirements and resulting performance.

“The consultant was really helpful, knowledgeable and flexible in the topics being discussed.”

Added value and benefits

Clearview’s experienced people management consultants can help you achieve:

• An effective understanding of competencies and what they mean, based on best practice;
• Timely, efficient implementation processes;
• Development of in house skills;
• A non-bureaucratic assessment easy to understand process;
• Consistency in approaches to people management and which competencies are important; and
• Competencies are targeted to organisation/department/role and are seen as relevant.

Why not let us work with you to implement a competency framework in your business? We can also review existing frameworks to ensure both your people and organisation are getting the most out of your performance management processes. Or, if you are looking for a software solution why not Contact us to see what we have to offer.