People management

Overview people management consultancy

People are the most valuable asset of a business. Good people and performance management processes play an essential part in fostering employee engagement, motivating and empowering staff and raising morale. Not only do these processes help to support people in achieving their personal development goals, but they also play a vital role in ensuring personal goals and linked to, and contributing to the organisation’s strategy and hence the achievement of company-wide objectives.

Developing of individuals, aligned to team and organisational improvement, will result in a continuously evolving and improving business.


Clearview’s experienced people management consultants can work with you to develop, review and embed effective people management tools and techniques that can be tailored to your organisation. Through understanding your business plan and organisational culture, and the application of best practice, Clearview will help you to develop, align and effectively implement personal performance processes including but not limited to performance reviews (i.e. appraisals and one-to ones), learning and development and competencies. All in all aiming to overcome a range of challenges in embedding successful people performance management.

“The consultant was really patient, knowledgeable and flexible in the topics being discussed”

Added value and benefits

Clearview’s experienced people management consultants can help you achieve:

• Streamlined, efficient, non-bureaucratic management processes;
• Improved completion rates of performance reviews such as annual appraisals;
• Performance reviews and processes reflecting softer measures such as competencies and behaviours rather than hard targets,
• Improved personal performance;
• Clearly defined personal objectives and action plans;
• Consistency in approaches to people management; and
• Timely, effective, actionable reporting.

Why not let us review your existing appraisal documentation, performance review process or competency frameworks, providing recommendations based on good practice? Or alternatively if you are looking for specialised performance software to significantly aid people management by automating, streamlining and simplifying processes then Contact us for a demonstration.

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