Performance measurement and management - Performance management

Overview performance management consultancy

Performance management is typically aligned with measuring key business performance indicators within an organisation. It actually means much more than this, and it is key that your performance management solution offers a comprehensive solution at both strategic and operational levels in your organisation. It is critical that organisations move from monitoring performance to actually managing and improving performance.


Clearview are specialists in performance management offering a wide range of consultancy services in this arena. Examples of recent consultancy projects include reviewing existing key performance measures, reviewing and developing performance management frameworks, developing a balanced scorecard and helping to embed a performance culture. All of these recent projects have helped organisations overcome a number of challenges aligned to successful performance management.

“The training was fully comprehensive. The consultant had a really great approach. Calm and confident, answered all our questions and very attentive and generous with her time and advice. It was a pleasure to complete the workshop with her.”

Added value and benefits

Many organisations struggle to achieve or embed successful performance management; the Clearview team will help you to achieve:

• A consistent corporate approach to business performance within the organisation;
• Effective tracking of outcomes and results in order to inform future planning and priorities;
• Clearly defined/well understood performance measures;
• Alignment and linking to key databases and information, leading to a complete picture of business performance;
• Timely and efficient report production;
• A proactive performance culture; and
• Buy-in from staff and senior management.

Why not allow Clearview to review your current approach to performance measurement and management and help you to develop an effective performance management culture? Or alternatively allow us to review your current performance measures or even show you a software solution to help manage your performance measures streamlining their collection, collation, analysis and management. If you would like any more information please Contact us. 


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