Audit tracking

Overview Audit tracking consultancy

Audit management is becoming increasingly challenging, given the growing complexity of businesses and the number and types of audits that need to be conducted.

Audit tracking and management is crucial for the efficient management of the entire audit process, including tracking observations and the resulting corrective actions.


Clearview’s expert team of consultants provide consultancy to help you to bring your audit tracking process to life. The team will provide expert advice and consultancy to challenge and advise your organisation on its current audit management framework exploring the capture and prioritisation of your recommendations, monitoring progress against their delivery and evidencing what has been done. Clearview can also help you to achieve transparency and accountability in every stage of the delivery process, as well as recording and tracking risks associated with bringing recommendations to life.

“The Consultant has a really great approach. Calm and confident, answered all our questions and very attentive and generous with her time and advice. It was a pleasure to complete the workshop with her”

Added value and benefits

Clearview can help you ensure:

• Audit is taken seriously in the business, is not perceived as a tick in the box exercise, and is taken seriously by all;
• Ownership of audit recommendations is clear and there is accountability;
• Recommendations are quickly identified and acted on;
• Risks related to audit are clearly identified and tracked; and
• Audit results are effective.

Why not ask Clearview to review your existing approach to audit management and recommendation tracking? Or Contact us and arrange a demo to find out more about how Clearview’s software can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of audit tracking.