Risk management 

Risk management consultancy


Risk management is an integral component of any business. Without it, an organisation is unable to plan for, monitor and mitigate any identified risks.

Embedding risk management across the organisation is critical to providing clear visibility of strategic and operational risks, as well as clarifying and streamlining your approach to risk management and monitoring.


Clearview’s proven team of risk management consultants provide expert consultancy to help you to identify, manage and monitor your business risks and overcome the challenges often involved in effective risk management. The team will provide expert advice and consultancy to challenge and advise your organisation on its current risk management framework.

“The consultant answered all questions and had a really great approach. Very attentive and generous with her time and advice.”

Added value and benefits

There are a whole number of reasons why an organisation may be struggling to achieve or embed successful business risk practices, however the Clearview team can help you to achieve:

• Knowledge and experience in risk management within the business;
• A consistent approach to risk management
• Consistent identification and assessment of risks;
• Ability to capture, analyse, present and track risk information;
• Proactive identification of risk mitigation measures, and assessment and audit of their associated effectiveness;
• Clear accountability for monitoring risk corporately and individually; and
• Effective and efficient processes in places, enabling the automation of risk management.

Why not ask us to review your business risks or undertake a health check of your existing risk management framework? Or alternatively if you are looking for a risk management software solution then please do Contact us to explore what we can offer.

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