Implementation and support 

Clearview takes pride in the support that we offer to customers. Our support teams are available via phone, email, directly via a chat facility in the software, or via a dedicated customer portal and provide application and technical support on all business working days throughout the year. The team are experts in all of Clearview’s products, and can typically resolve most issues arising at point of contact.

Clearview receiving 100% customer satisfaction

Clearview have been helping businesses to make effective use of their software for over 15 years, taking pride in providing excellent services and high levels of customer satisfaction. Findings from the 2019 customer survey showed 100% of customers were happy with the support they have received.

Post implementation, our team will arrange regular follow up engagements with your project team to ensure that you are making best use of the software and features, and that you are realising the business benefits from your Clearview investment.

“Clearview have the best, most responsive support team of all IT and software suppliers that we work with”

User groups

As a Clearview customer you are entitled to join the Clearview user group. The group is independently run, by customers, and meets bi-annually at locations in the North, Midlands, and South of the UK.

The meetings are very popular events with many customers providing insight as to how they are using the system and leveraging benefit from it.

“We usually attend the user group meetings which we have found invaluable to find out about new developments, and it is good to talk to other organisations about how they operate the systems”

The group has its own private online forum for posting questions and getting answers from the user community. Visit Events to see when and where Clearview’s next user group is taking place.

If you would like to find out more information about implementation and support, or the user groups then please Contact us.